Personnel & Exit Doors

We do a range of Personnel/Exit Doors and fire doors for the safety of you, your colleagues and your company. Fire doors play an important role in the fire safety strategy for commercial buildings. Fire doors should normally be kept closed, unless they are held open by electromagnetic devices connected to the fire detection and alarm system.

Personnel/Exit Doors - Fire door based on classification

We have fire doors with different classification and fire classes.  We also offer fire-class doors in special dimensions. Our fire doors are also silent and reduce noise and noise. Fire doors are installed in car tunnels, car parks, industries, schools, hospitals, stairwells and other public buildings. If you want to discuss fire doors, Contact Us Here to discuss it in more detail. Before you contact us, determine if you need a single door or a double door to ensure your order is correct and will not incur delays.

Non fire rated steel door Click Here

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Fire engineering class:

A60 (According to Boverket's building rules, it is generally accepted to use an A-rated door as an alternative to an EI-rated door.)


Burglary protection: MK1, ENV1627

Noise reduction:

30 dB, ISO 140-3: 95

Thermal Performance:

U value 2.9 W / (m2.K), EN 1634-3: 2: 2005 / AC: 2006


Sa / Sm EN 1634-3: 2: 2005 / AC: 2006 The door is provided with additional sealing strips available with both running threshold and impact threshold size 18 x 24.

CE marking:

Exterior doors are CE-marked according to doorstand SS-EN 14351-1.


All frames are made of 2 mm hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. Frame parts and threshold welded to a form-stable unit, ready to be mounted into the wall without further assembly at the mounting site. Karmen goes to


The door leaf is made of 1.25 mm hot-dip steel sheet with internal stabilization brackets, which are welded together into a unit. The fire protection insulation of the door leaf is made of molded mineral wool. Door thickness

Door sizes:

The door can be manufactured in both single and double versions. Standard size in 100 mm range. Can also be ordered in special dimensions 1 mm split. Single door max size 15 x 29 and at smoke density (Sa / Sm) 1

Standard Fittings:

Assa 310


A-frame: with G- and A-side feed, for wall thickness from-to mmB-frame: feeding on the G-sideC frame: lining without feed

Threshold Types:

Suspension threshold, Drivable threshold plate, Scalloped design, Mechanical sealant threshold


  • Fittings:

    We work with the major seizure suppliers, such as Assa, Dorma, Geze, etc.


    Round ø400, square up to ø600 × 600


    200 × 200 up to 600 × 600, max 2pcs. No fire classification

    Other options and solutions:

    Installation zones, clutch terminal, fuse protection, sealing strip, door knobs, magnetic contacts, electric fog lights, engine locks, engine locks, locking plugs, water deflectors and more.