Window Selection Guide

Overhead Door Co. Window Selection Guide

Garage Door Windows.

Window Options
Overhead Door window options give you a broad range of styles to choose from
for your steel garage doors. (Some styles not available in select door series).

Decorative Trim
Select from our broad array of decorative trim styles to give your home a distinctive look. Decorative trim windows come standard with double strength glass or choose from our optional glass upgrades.

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass provides enhance safety, with glass that resists splintering when broken.

Ashton 1

Cascade 1

Cathedral 1

Madison 1

Rushton 1

Sherwood 1

Stockford 1

Stockton 1

Waterton 1

Williamsburg 4

Cascade 2

Cathedral 2

Sherwood 2

Williamsburg 2

Williamsburg 8

Frosted Glass
Frosted glass offers extra privacy.