2121 Series Dock Leveller

A Dock Leveller is an essential piece of equipment to bridge the gap between your delivery vehicle and a warehouses loading bay. Overhead Door have constructed a robust and heavy duty dock leveller with only the highest grade materials and expertise. Once properly installed, operated and serviced, the 2121 Series can provide substantial improvements in efficiency, productivity and safety in the handling of good in the loading dock area.

Improved safety conditions are achieved by use of the control panel to operate the dock leveller. This reduces the rick of injury by keeping personal off the leveller and eliminates the unhealthy practice of manually positioning the leveller. Greater efficiency is the result of quicker operation, and with our 2121 Series you will get more reliable and vastly greater responsive hydraulic operating system with Overhead Door dock leveller systems.


This system requires minimal maintenance and provides you with years of dependable service. All safety considerations should be observed by all those who install, operate and service this equipment. Please ensure your operators and trained and read all documentation provided by Overhead Door Ireland.

With a maximum sound test of 75dBA our dock leveller operates at low level of sound which improves safety conditions within the work place.

Detailed Description & Function

This hydraulic dock leveller is designed for both structural integrity and safety in operation with features for the protection of dock personnel. It's function is to provide a safe and durable bridge between the building and the trailer. This bridge allows the safe transportation of material handling devices (i.e fork truck, pallet jack, hand truck,) and workers for the propose of loading and unloading the trailer.

The Overhead Door hydraulic dock is equipped with a velocity fuse "a fall-safe" system which automatically and quickly halts all motion of the platform if a truck prematurely departs with a load on the platform. Other safety features include full range safety skirts (toe guards) that are safety marked, and a built-in service leg support.

The leveller is push button operated from a wall mount control panel and is fully electrically and hydraulically operated. It is equipped with an Emergency Stop button which halts all movement of the leveller at any point during the cycle.

The dock leveller is operated by maintaining pressure on a push switch to raise the front of the deck. The hinged lip plate rises with the deck and its leading edge swings out horizontally over the rear of the vehicle trailer when the deck reaches its fully raised position.

The dock leveller operator releases the push button and the deck and extended lip lower together until the underside of the extended lip makes contact on the load bed of the vehicle. A bridge is now formed that is supported at the building end by the dock floor and at the vehicle end by the load bed.

During loading and unloading operations, the deck and lip automatically follow the rising and lowering movements of the vehicle trailer. The dock leveller is returned to its original stored position by the operator. In the stored position, both ends of the dock leveller upper deck plate are supported. The building end is supported by the dock floor and the load bed end is supported by the lip, lip keepers, and the pit floor.

The unit is powered by a 1.0 h.p 3-phase electronic motor with manifold block and a reservoir that is directly coupled to the motor via the manifold block. The main lift cylinder raises and lowers the platform. The lip cylinder extends, supports and retracts the lip. Flexible hosing connects both cylinders to the power unit. 

Electrical leads from the motor/pump and integral control switches are factory wired, ready to connect to leads in the junction box at the rear of the pit. The control panel is wired to work in conjunction with the motor/pump.

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Hydraulic Dock Leveller 2121 Series


Dimensions 2.275m x 2.155m x 0.570m
Dock Leveller 920kg
Pit Panels 350kg
Operating Capacity 6000kg
Operating Noise Level 70-75dB
Operating Temperature -20°c to 55°c